Newly Diagnosed?

When a food allergy is first diagnosed; the news can be daunting.  Many questions arise like:

            What can we eat?

            How do I read food labels?

            Which restaurants are safe for us?

            How do I work with the school and/or childcare provider?

We invite you to review our website for some of these answers.  Our medical advisor’s corner offers articles on nutrition, basics of different food allergies and news and information from the world of medicine.  Our links page provides many sites where further information can be found.  Visit our recipe page for recipes from our members who are living with a variety of food allergies.  Remember to subscribe to our site – you will receive updates on our events and new postings to the site.

Typically, strict avoidance of the food causing allergic reactions is the course of action.  If you still have questions after visiting, many people find it helpful to speak with a licensed dietician.  Your allergist or pediatrician should be able to recommend one to you.  We look forward to meeting you!