Noodles and Company in Turkey Creek

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The new Noodle place in Turkey Creek is very allergy-friendly.  They record all allergies on the order ticket and use separate pans.  They do serve peanuts on several of their dishes, but we have been pleased with the cross-contamination avoidance.  They are able to accommodate our nuts and egg allergic daughter.  Just make sure and tell them the allergies when you place the order and enjoy!


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Roman’s Pizza – Gluten-Free Buffet

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Roman’s Pizza periodically offers a gluten-free buffet.  If you let them  know of any other allergies they may prepare something especially for you.  Call (865) 539-1784 to inquire about their gluten-free and allergy-free menu option.s

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Tomato Head Restaurant Review

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Vegan CupcakeLast Friday, August 6, we took our peanut, egg, kiwi allergic child to the Tomato Head in downtown Maryville for dinner (another location on Market Square in Knoxville).  Here is the condensed review

Wait Staff- very well trained to handle food allergies

Menu-many eggless items due to accommodations for Vegans (vegetarians who do not eat any type of animal product)

Dinner- YUMMY!

Check out this photo of the Vegan cupcake for desert- no eggs, no peanut, my daughter was in heaven!

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